We want to work at the Playboy Mansion (or, even we try to hide it, in some advertising agency), and for catch Hugh Heffner's attention and made him hire us, we have to be the very best on what we do. In order gain some expertise, we offer home delivery demos of our services... FOR FREE!

There are 2 ways of getting a demo:

1) Free demo for the chicks

If you're a girl between 19 - 29 years old, own a swimming pool and live in Barcelona area or around... Try us before playmates do!

How to participate: Send to the following e-mail (click here, baby) a picture of yourself, with your name, age and location on it, wearing a bikini. Don't forget to choose which of the 2 services you feel like trying: "moisturiser applier" or "inflatable beach ball passer"… and enjoy!

2) Free demo for the creative directors seeking a creative couple

If you're not looking for somebody to rub you some sunscreen or somebody that passes you the ball... congratulations, today is your day too! Because we offer you a free demo... of our wicked portfolio!!! And the best part of it is that there's no need for you to move from your office (bikini pictures are optional though, but if you're Nick Gill, we would like to have it).

How to participate: Send us an e-mail (click here, baby). And seriously Nick, think about the bikini picture thing... ;)

* Offer available on limited time, depending on our tight schedules (except if you work on advertisement, then we will make whatever it takes to meet you).
* There's a law that we don't remember right now, but we must warn you that your data will be included in our chick-only phone book, and your pictures will be posted on Facebook.